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Parish Priest - Fr. Michael Amalados M.A.

Tel: 01902 605043

Eucharistic Ministers

Miss. S. Alexander
Miss. B. Alexander
Mr. T. Boland
Mr. T. Bradley
Mr. H. Carrol
Mrs. B. Hickman
Ms. L. Hillier
Mrs. C. Jasper
Ms. P. Kaur
Mr. M. Kay
Mrs. M. Lloyd
Mrs. M. McAndrew
Mr. C. Sims
Mrs. M. Sims

Parish Organisation

Repository Shop at St. Mary's: Open before and after Saturday and Sunday Mass
Safeguarding Officer: Mike Harvey
Musicians and Organists: Ms. Dawn Eccleston & Mr. John Horobin
A.P.F Local Secretary: Mr. Tony Daniels
Churches Together in Willenhall / Christian Aid / CAFOD: Kathryn McMahon
SVP: John Squire
Gift Aid Organiser: Teresa Walford
Priests' Training Fund: Kathleen Pedley
Youth Ministry: Theresa & Alun Richards

Webmaster: Alex Blue